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How We Can Help With Negotiating Strategies

Most executives fancy themselves as skilled negotiators. While that may be true in the context of your day-to-day business activities, it may not be equally true when it comes to negotiating your own employment or separation agreement. In fact, negotiating a comprehensive agreement requires a fair degree of distance, and significant skill and experience.

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The Arfa Firm's job is to help you map out a negotiating strategy - a "business plan" calculated to maximize your return. First, we work with you to define the goals. Next, we assist you in prioritizing each of the items on your "wish" list.

The Arfa Firm will evaluate the type of negotiator you are going to be: a "take the money" and run negotiator or a "line in the sand" negotiator. Careful strategic evaluation and planning can make the difference between a successful negotiation and failure.

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The Arfa Firm will carefully value each of the benefits that you consider pursuing as well as those that have been offered. There generally is a cost in negotiations attributable to pursuing and obtaining a benefit. The package -- or the amount that the company is prepared to spend -- is not limitless.

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The Arfa Firm is a highly skilled negotiator and is respected for its visionary negotiating strategies and tactics. Skilled use of the language of negotiations can often make the difference between a successful outcome and a collapse of discussions. Knowing what you want - or even what you are entitled to - is just the beginning.

The more difficult skill is figuring out how to get as close to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time, and at the least cost, and with the lowest risk.

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